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The exhibition will be laid out to display equine-related veterinary technologies and products as well as a variety of horse industrial information to contribute to more active networking between exhibitors and participants.

Notably, the coffee break planned to be set next to the exhibition that will bring together all the participants including exhibitors to further their relations at a more leisurely and direct way; furthermore, there will be some business promotion seminars in function room of conference hall that exhibitors could rent for briefing and demonstrating their products/services to attendees.

Period April 21(Sat) – 23(Mon), 2018
Venue Grand Ballroom (1F), China World Hotel
Total Area 1,237m2
Scale Approx. 50 Booths

* The exhibition floor plan subject to change without prior notice. The latest version will be updated.


No. Company Name Booth No. LOGO
1 Jorgen Kruuse A/S Co., Ltd. F1
2 LEROY Biotech- ELECTROvet E2
3 World Horse Welfare F7
4 Randlab PTY LTD F5 F6
5 Hebei New Century Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. F4
6 Triad Orthopedic Products Industrial Co., Ltd E3
7 Beijing Olymmed Medical Instrument Co., Ltd E7
8 ECM BCF IMV Technologies Group E9
9 Yi Long Xiang(Beijing) Technology Ltd. F2
10 AO Asia-Pacific Ltd(AOVET) F3
11 Beijing Baolin Horse Industry Co., Ltd. Shunyi Feed Branch E6
12 Hoffen Culture Development Co., Ltd D2
13 Swissvet Veterinary Products D4
15 Ranvet Pty Ltd E4
16 IMV Technologies D7
17 Jinyu Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. F8
18 Rider Horse Co., Ltd C4
19 Veterinary Manufacturers and Distributors Association D11
20 Albury care B12
21 Bank of China B11
22 北京特卫保安服务有限公司精武安分公司 A7
23 Shandong Tian Ji Horse Industry Co., Ltd. A3 A4 A5
24 China Animal Husbandry Group A6
25 Hong Kong Jocky Club B2
26 Liu Ling Zui Company Profile C8
29 Zhangye Shengquan Mineral Water Co., Llc. B7
30 Beijing Dongfang Huaao Auto Sales&Services Co., Ltd A8
31 Shandong Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau B6
32 Beijing Rocky Equestrian Equipment Co.ltd B3
33 Minxiangmucao Co., Ltd B1
34 Italy Posemer B4
35 China Jindun Net TV-- Equestrian Channel B2
36 Equ Institut C1
37 China Agriculture Press/China Horse Industry Association Medical & Pharmacal Commission C6
38 CHIA National Center of Equine Safety and Welfare/China Stud Book Committee/China Racing Authority C7
39 China Academy of Horse Arts E5  
40 CHIA National Racing Culture Committee E8
41 Fuzhong Group Co., Ltd A1
42 Pastoral Zhaosu, Heavenly Horse Hometown A2
43 Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, CAAS D10
44 巴里坤县花麒奶业有限责任公司 D6
45 People's Government of Western WU Xhu Mu Qin Qi B5  
46 ChaMaTongXing Culture Development(Beijing) Co., Ltd./ MuLongFang Culture Development(Beijing) Co., Ltd. D1
48 Yantai Yangmadao International Race Course C2 B10
49 Inner Mongolia Xilingol Vocational College C3
50 China Horse Industry Association Event Operation Center & China Horse Industry Media E1
51 Li Honghai Calligraphy Exhibition D5 D9  
52 Horse Dental Equipment/Melet Schloesing International (Beijing) Co. Ltd C5

* in no particular order.



How to Apply

  • Submit the completed Application Form, available on the Congress website www.chinaweva.org , to the Congress Executive Committee via: E-mail : marketing@chinaweva.org / Fax: +86-10-60487822
Application Form

Exhibition badge

  • • Exhibition Materials.
  • • Admission to Exhibition and Poster Areas.
  • • Admission to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.
  • • Coffee Breaks at Exhibition Area (21st-23rd April 2018).
  • • Drinks Reception(22nd April 2018).

Booth Type  

The standard booth is 3m*3m*2.5m (length*width*height), and can be purchased in multiples of 9 square meters. A limited number of non-standard booths with the size of 3m*2m*2.5m (length*width*height) is available for special requirement at a lower or higher price on a first-come, first served basis.

Type Standard Booth(9m2) Non-standard Booth(6m2)
Shell Scheme RMB 30000 RMB 22000

Exhibition Fees Include

  • • Facilities included are electricity, 1 socket, 2 spotlights, 1 reception desk, 2 fording chairs, 1 trash bin.
  • • Free of charge for One (1) delegate registration fee PER BOOTH.
  • • Admission to Exhibition and Poster Areas.
  • • Admission to the Opening(each exhibitor will be entitled to one quota) and Closing Ceremonies.
  • • Coffee Breaks at Exhibition Area (21st-23rd April 2018).
  • • Drinks Reception(22nd April 2018).
  • • Exhibiting companies will be listed in the Programme Book and Congress website.
  • • Exhibiting company promotion for once on Congress media platform.

Exhibition Schedule

Booth Construction & Move-in April 20-21
Exhibition Dates April 21, 12:00-20:00
April 22-23, 08:00-20:00
Booth Dismantling & Move-out April 23, 20:00-24:00

Payment Conditions

  • • All payments should be made by bank transfer. * Credit card payment will not be accepted.
  • • Companies are responsible for all bank transfer fees from both the sending and receiving banks.
  • • A copy of receipt for your bank remittance with the participant's name should be sent to the Executive Committee by e-mail marketing@chinaweva.org or fax (+8610 60487822).
  • • For Exhibition, 50% deposit should be made within 10 working days after signing exhibition participation agreement and the remaining amounts should be paid by February 28, 2018.
  • • Exhibition space confirmed from February 1, 2018 will require a full, lump sum payment
  • • Payment process: Application submission → Agreement Signing → Payment deposit
  • • Note: The payment schedule is negotiable with Organizing Committee.

Cancellation Policy

  • • Exhibiting Companies should make the payment by the due dates. Otherwise, the Organizer has the right to cancel the participation and the fee paid shall follow the stipulations in the cancellation clause.
  • • Notice of any change in agreement or cancellation must be in writing.
  • • For cancellation of participation, the refund shall be processed as in the following:
  • - 50% of the initial deposit will be deducted for cancellations requested by December 31, 2017.
    - 70% of the initial deposit will be deducted for cancellations requested by or on February 28, 2018.
    - No refunds will be made for any cancellation after February 28, 2018.